sábado, 6 de junho de 2009


the mascots - your mascots/ellpe

01. goodbye
02. what can i do
03. tip of my tongue
04. my very best
05. when i return
06. a sad boy
07. stones fell
08. from my love
09. for him
10. too much monkey business
11. i feel ashamed
12. walking with my angel
13. the winner
14. this proud crowd
15. i close your eyes
16. things are turning out
17. every way i think of you
18. doopy drops
19. nobody crying
20. did you ever think
21. i won't let you down
22. that's you
23. i want to live
24. i don't like you
25. this time, girl
26. a different mind


2 comentários:

simio disse...

excelente banda,escelente disco

Clyff disse...

Hello Amanda. I found your blog while searching for The Mascots. I love that band. Could you please send me the password to unlock the download from 4shared?
Thank you.

cdwhy at yahoo dot com