domingo, 19 de julho de 2009


the beathovens - happy to be happy (1965)

01. a message to you
02. another day
03. happy, to be happy
04. i send a letter
05. little darling
06. mistrodden
07. na na na
08. paradise
09. sometimes
10. sweet music
11. the blow-up machine
12. then i need only you


(i already understood this band is german, but i'll keep it here anyway.)

5 comentários:

Esmenard Victor disse...

Good group, thank you. Not the best stuff I've heard ;) but a nice moment, thank you.

michaelvee disse...

... these Beathovens ain't from Sweden but from Germany and this is their sole LP, decent but quite rare... I like "mistrodded" & will put in on one of the next installments of 60s (mostly) uncomped...

thanks a lot & keep on diggin'


aldo disse...

Some good songs, some average but as a whole not a bad record.
Yes, this is a GERMAN band, also not everything here is from 1965...
Blow-up machine was issued as a single in 1967 with Sweet Music.
the longer version in particular is clearly NOT 1965 and it's a classic piece of crazy German Beat.

Grit disse...

Just to drop a note saying I appreciate what you are doing. It is great to hear rarer tunes from the 60's so keep them coming. I am from New Zealand

michaelvee disse...

.....where are you gone? I hope you soon will take up your beautiful blog...

btw: I just found out that the Beathovens pic does not show the "Mistrodden" band but the Beathovens from Düsseldorf, Germany, which featured Kraftwerk's "drummer" Wolfgang Fluer (you can see him sitting on the right hand side)....

best greetings