sábado, 6 de março de 2010


the baby grandmothers

01. somebody keeps calling me
02. being is more than life
03. bergakungen
04. being is more than life (2)
05. st. george's dragon
06. st. george's dragon (2)
07. raw diamond


quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010


the con's combo - i got a woman (swedish group, released in argentina)

i'm here just to say i'm sorry for this long time without new stuff, but at the last months i was just enjoying my vacation and now i'm busy doing college/band things. also, i realized i don't have too much left to post here, 'cause i have no time to search for albums, songs etc; and it's a really deep search. but i'll come up with something this weekend, and probably i'll start uploading some 60s revival too.
and i'd love to find the subtitles for the swedish movie ola och julia, with ola & the janglers. i can't find it anywhere, not even in english. it would be great if someone could help me with this :)

anyway, see you soon.