sábado, 26 de junho de 2010


the shamrocks - smoke rings around the cadillac: 1964-1967

01. we gonna make it
02. a lonely man
03. skinny minny
04. a mountain of silver
05. cadillac
06. easy rider
07. and i need you
08. zip-a-dee-doo-dah
09. la la la
10. things will turn out right tomorrow
11. balla balla
12. oxford street 43
13. don't say
14. nobody cares about me
15. days
16. smokerings
17. see me coming
18. i'm on the outside locking in
19. please don't cry (for me)
20. gipsy lullaby at 10:30
21. missconception
22. i'm ready for the show
23. cadillac (paris version)
24. how the time flies
25.travelin' man
26. the smiling kind
27. don't you know she's mine
28. daytime nightime
29. rich life


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BSB disse...

Very nice and lovely. Smells good too. Thanks.

epsilon disse...


Some new garage sound you may be interested in on youtube!

Willy Moon 'I Wanna Be Your Man'


Mia Mossberg78 disse...


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